Buying Tips

We have created a step by step guide to make your home buying decision easier for you, we hope using the information provided below you will make a wise decision of buying your dream house.

Is Being A Homeowner Right For You?
Buying a home is one of the biggest financial and lifestyle decisions you will make, so it pays to make an informed decision by first looking at the main advantages and disadvantages of homeownership.


Are You Financially Ready?
Using our Mortgage Calculator you can very well see what price range house you can afford, and what will be your mortgage payment. Some other payments to consider are property taxes and condo fees.


What Should You Buy?
Before you start searching for a home you need to think about your current and future housing needs and what characteristics are important to you in a home.


What Professionals Should You Call On?
At this stage you can finalize on the professionals you will call on during buying your dream house: real estate professionals, mortgage broker, lawyer, inspector and insurance broker.


How Can You Find The Right Home?
Now when you have decided on buying a home for you, you need to contact me to look for the right home which suits all your present and future needs.


Ready To Buy?
Once you have decided which home you wish to buy, you will need to present the vendor with a offer to purchase, stating your closing conditions.


The Final Step?
The final steps in the homebuying process: signing the legal deed with your lawyer, paying the balance down payment to lawyer, hiring a mover.


Getting Ready To Move!
Moving from one home to another, sometimes even one community to another, is both a time of great excitement and great stress, remember to hire a mover well in time and prepared to pack in time.



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